Water-based, pure acrylic elastic binder-based, mineral filler added, long lasting roof insulation and isolation coating with strong adhesion capability.


Elastomeric acrylic resin-based, up to 7-fold flexible acrylic waterproofing coating.


Thermoplastic resin-based and a very strong insulating material developed to remove moisture and humidity problems in interior and exterior facades.


Solvent-based chimney leak insulation material which is used on inner and outer surfaces of wood and coal burner, stove, fireplace, barbecue pipes, and delays formation of soot and smoke, prevents chimney leak and prevents staining of the top coat by hiding the stains.

Silicone Water Repellent

Solvent-based, silicone-based, non-film forming impregnation material with excellent water repellency that does not disturb the natural appearance of the surface.

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