SÖVELACK Transparent Varnish For Claddings

Water-based, special acrylic resin-based, glossy, transparent decorative and protective paint that creates natural wood color together with its special primer. 

Sövelack is water-based decorative and protective paint that creates a natural wood color with its special acrylic resin-based glossy and transparent primer. 
Transparent and long-lasting exterior coating and jamb varnish, Adolin Sövelack is usually used in exterior painting of buildings to give the wood color in wood-patterned coatings and protect them from environmental factors.
With its variety of uses, it can safely be used in the interior and exterior applications, such as sanded and unsanded EPS in wood patterns, known as siding, XPS, jamb coatings, plasters, plasterboards, as well as hobby applications.

•    Applicable throughout all four seasons
•    Dirt-resistant formula
•    Easy to apply
•    Transparent
•    Resistant to UV light
•    Water-based
•    Ready-to-use

Can Adolin Sövelack Give Plain Surfaces A Wood Look?

You can give surfaces a wood look using Adolin Sövelack and Sövelack primer together with the commercially available special wood pattern equipment.

How Can I Use Adolin Sövelack?

Please read all the technical instructions on the technical data sheet of the product before use.

Why Is It Necessary to Use the Sövelack Primer

The characteristics of the application surface, such as absorptivity, joints, and traces of repair, directly affect the film thickness and look of Adolin Sövelack. The application surface must be undercoated with Sövelack primer to obtain a homogenous look and a high level of protection against environmental effects.

How Can I Buy It?

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