Quality Policy

•    Doing all we can for continuous documentation and improvement of the quality management system to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard
•    Adopting the total quality standard principles and realizing company and department goals with a team spirit
•    Promoting Leadership and employee involvement in all our processes to create a management approach that is both participative and inclusive
•    Improving efficiency in all our processes to a sufficiently competitive level for both domestic and global markets in line with the continuous improvement approach
•    Encouraging innovative and creative approaches and providing training to improve hard and soft skills
•    Performing hazard and risk analyses to prevent situations that could negatively affect the health and safety of all parties and, consequently, our operations
•    Planning our R&D operations to limit our products’ potential effect on the environment, and keeping all our stakeholders updated on our corporate perspective regarding the environment and the activities we carry out to protect it
•    Continuously improving efficiency by developing our sources and following the conditions of our Quality Management System to ensure customer satisfaction
•    Adopting occupational safety measures on par with international standards and providing training to our employees on the subject, and
•    Managing all our operations to ensure compliance with internationally and domestically applicable laws and regulations in an integrated way regarding the Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Systems, so as to set an example in terms of quality as we do in all other respects. 

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